CheckWX  Aviation Weather API  v1.5

Our API is simple and free!

It allows you to programatically build web and desktop applications that integrate with our METAR and TAF data services.
Display the latest METAR and TAF reports for one or more locations with just a few lines of code.

Enabling API Access

To enable API access, follow these steps on the main site:

Making an API Call

You can easily access our API by sending parameters in a HTTP-GET request to our service URL.

View our API documentation for the complete details, examples, and sample code.

API Rate Limits

API requests are limited to 100 requests per hour.

To protect the quality of this free service, additional rate limits may apply to some actions. For example, polling aggressively instead of caching, making API calls with a high concurrency, or repeatedly requesting the same data may result in abuse rate limiting.


Need just basic METAR-TAF reports?  Don't want to write API code?
Try our new METAR-TAF widget.  Just drop it on any web page and start receiving live METARs and TAFs automatically!